A digital takeover

Wematch in Securities Finance Times

Wematch’s co-founder and head of EMEA David Raccat recently spoke with Carmella Haswell about the search for digitised processes, battling through a volatile market, and going global.

Gaining in momentum, digitisation is set to go global as far as Wematch is concerned, as the firm expands its footprint in the US and Asia-Pacific markets. It aims to extend its digital solutions to support the capital market, and tackle the pain points of the digital space with a click-based approach. An acceleration in digitisation has been driven by multiple factors, which has placed an increasing significance on the search for digitised processes, according to David Raccat.

Regulation, compliance and conduct risks, operational risks, and market risks have led to the increase in digitisation that Raccat has seen since the launch of Wematch in 2017. The importance of digitised processes circulates around its ability to tackle all of the aforementioned risks and allow dealers, institutions and traders to feel more secure and protected in what they are doing. Therefore, Wematch is working to address the potential risks one-by-one by offering a digitised, STP, integrated and interoperable workflow.