Gearing up for growth:

WeMatch in 2022

How do you go about digitally transforming capital markets firms? At WeMatch, we believe that the answer is clear: build the very best technology and hire the very best people. We’ve already ticked the first of those boxes, as our latest technology award shows, and our 2022 has been focused laser-like on the second.

Back in December of last year, we secured US$8.5 million in a second close of a Series B funding round which has raised US$28 in total, on the promise to immediately beef up our Team in order to better target growth. This promise has already been met. As of July, we had doubled the size of our headcount compared to the same month in 2021, having made significant hires including a new CFO, our first-ever CMO, and tactical appointments in sales and coverage across our equity derivatives and securities financing business lines.

In doing so, we met another major milestone. With the opening of our new office in Singapore, WeMatch is now a truly global company, with Teams in London, Paris, Tel Aviv and New York, where we’ve been growing our North American footprint with new hires, supported by our CEO Joseph Seroussi who is in the process of relocating to New York. That coverage allows us to better support our clients no matter where they are, and over the rest of this year and beyond we plan to significantly ramp up our activity right across the world.

Our growth trajectory is looking more assured than ever. The first quarter of this year brought with it challenging market conditions as inflation and geopolitical instability took their toll. Unsurprisingly, the losses in the markets were reflected in the transaction volumes handled by our industry-leading matching, smart negotiation, and workflow tools. However, despite market volatility we have continued to enjoy a significant increase in revenue over the period, providing unmistakable evidence that our forecasts were correct and that WeMatch’s business model is highly resilient.

Thanks to this resilience, we have continued to onboard new clients throughout the year. We have also maintained what makes us unique: a rigorous focus on providing the very best digital solutions for modern trading functions. Our goal is to continue to innovate as clients present us with new challenges to meet, and new pain points to address. That’s why this year we have added new functionality to our securities financing platform: a new RFQ workflow that allows lenders and borrowers to seek bids or offers in specific names with specific conditions related to corporate events.

WeMatch addresses the needs of an industry that still leans heavily on manual workflows to get business done. Given the power of our digital platform to automate workflows, create operational efficiencies, reduce errors, and give hours of the working day back to traders, and sales teams, we are anticipating high growth in the years ahead. Thanks to our work this year, we know we have the right team structure, the right talent, and the right business model to deliver on this goal.