The Hard-to-Borrow Securities lending market still experiences a number of inefficiencies not supported by electronic trading technologies. Traditionally, participants had no option but to communicate long inventory lists over trading terminals and by phone, an inefficient process that was particularly time consuming for traders. Even today, in the midst of the digital age, borrowers and lenders can find it difficult to access Hard-to-Borrow liquidity electronically, particularly in the mid-small cap universe and special situation names. The result is that the Hard-to-Borrow market remains hampered by manual processes that drag on productivity.

Hard to Borrow. Automated.

The Wematch SBL Hard-to-Borrow module is a digital security lending platform tailor-made for the Hard-to-Borrow market. Built and continually improved in close collaboration with end users, the module unlocks the benefits of automation and creates an easy source of liquidity on a dark or lit basis. Leveraging smart negotiation protocols, Wematch enables borrowers and lenders to meet in one place and match interests faster, more efficiently, and with greater transparency than ever before. 

A Comprehensive Platform for the
Hard to Borrow Market.

The Wematch SBL Hard-to-Borrow  module automates workflow across all elements of the market including in-demand specials, illiquid mid-small cap names and special situations. Core functions include:

Benefits at-a-Glance

Getting connected to Wematch is simple, as it is delivered as a web-based Software-as-a-Service technology that connects to the Hard-to-Borrow ecosystem through live APIs. To get started, or to request a demo, get in touch.

Wematch consolidates the broadest Hard-to-Borrow liquidity base to cover all borrowers’ needs.

We replace manual workflows with automated, digital alternatives, enabling significant time and productivity benefits.

With coverage of prime-broker flows and special situation names.

Easy to use, with live data flows and straightforward protocols. 

Users can input names on a dark or lit basis, according to their business needs.