market solutions

Wematch is machine-tooled to be extendable to the broadest range of voice brokered instruments and asset classes.

Wematch technology can create customized solutions for multiple instruments and markets. Development and deployment time is fast and the team works closely with the banks to onboard new instruments every month.

Over 30 banks and 750 traders are live, matching and negotiating with each other over Wematch, with volumes in the billions across interest rates derivatives, equity derivatives, and securities financing structures.

Interest Rate Swaps

  • IRS products
  • Euro IRS curves
  • Butterflies
  • Basis structures

Securities Financing

  • Total Return Swaps (TRS) on equities on specific and financing structures
  • Securities Borrowing & Lending (SBL) enabling lenders to upload their inventory and borrowers to cover their short positions, together with collateral upgrades/downgrades
  • Repos on both specific names and financing structures

Equity Derivatives

OTC Equity Exotic Products

  • Call vs Call
  • Quanto Forward Spreads
  • Outperformance
  • Best of Worst of Strategies on both Index and Single Stocks Underlyings
  • Crash puts

Delta One

Eurex listed Future Products

  • Cash Close
  • Dividend Futures
  • Single Stock Futures
  • Index Roll
  • TRS Futures
  • Synthetics