from the teams.

Message from the teams

In this current extraordinary context all our teams are committed to ensuring continuity of service. We do not know how long the #covid19 / #coronavirus pandemic will impact the industry and the way all of us are operating, but we wanted to share with you the below:

  • All Wematch teams (including operators) are now working from home and keep offering the same level of service/support you were receiving until now
  • Wematch is a web-based platform accessible from anywhere
  • Wematch offers all team members within the same desk visibility on each others’ interests and the capacity to act on behalf of your colleagues, which brings a lot of value in the current context where teams/desks are working in multiple locations
  • Wematch keeps offering a full suite of compliance reports and logs which can be sent to compliance teams and which answers conduct risks issues
  • Wematch has been focusing since launch on workflows and has recently released dedicated post trade and lifecycle modules (e.g. on Total Return Swaps) allowing Dealers to reduce operational risk, which is taking an increased focus in the current context

We are putting the health and safety of our employees as a top priority, and we have now triggered all actions allowing us to continue to support and service the Industry with no disruption. We will continue as well to develop our platforms by releasing new features in the coming weeks.

We wish you all to stay safe in those unprecedented times and you can count on all our teams to be present and to keep servicing you the best they can.

Sincerely yours,
The Wematch Team.