Wematch technology helps institutions transition liquidity to an orderly electronic matching service, de-risking the process of voice broking.

Wematch’s solutions for multiple markets have been created by traders, for traders, backed by best in class technology and intuitive, intelligent user interface design. Our technology brings the audit and control benefits of electronic tools to voice trading, delivered as web-based software-as-a-service technology.

Connectivity solutions

  • Wematch is an interconnected ecosystem with live APIs connecting clients, trading venues and third party vendors to deliver lifecycle management regulatory and post trade reporting.
  • Wematch technology, engines and workflow can be adapted to meet bank’s internal requirements. Wematch can work on dedicated projects adapting the dealer-to-dealer ecosystem for banks’ internal trading flow needs.
  • Wematch is a patent pending AI negotiation tool.

How it works


Users connect with Wematch’s cross-asset environment through plug-and-play and intuitive GUI or APIs, and interact with existing market data to find the best trading opportunities.


Wematch has established negotiation features and protocols allowing users to turn the best matches into real trading opportunities in multiple asset classes.


Wematch offers a set of finalizing tools to complete the matching process through credit checks on OTC structures and multiple exchange execution possibilities for listed structures. Wematch’s APIs enable automated connectivity to various post-trade vendors and exchanges.


Wematch GUIs deliver intuitive and logical matching and negotiation workflow, reducing cost and risk, with control, audit and compliance functionality out of the box, permanently refreshed based on users’ suggestions, feedback, and requirements.

Live Market Data

Smart Matching Engine

Digital Negotiation Flow

API Connectivity