Total Return Swaps

With Wematch, financial institutions benefit from a powerful platform that accelerates the digitisation of TRS dealing workflows

TRS. Digitized

Enhancing Efficiency

25-30% daily time savings per trader

Unrivaled Data

Unique live and historical data on a large spectrum of securities financing products: TRS, securities lending, repo, single stock futures, total return futures.

Enhanced Compliance

100% of trade data logged on the platform enabling transparent audit history

Global coverage

Operational across North American, European, and Asia Pacific markets.


Over 900 traders and 90 financial institutions have been on-boarded onto the platform.

Business model

Simple, flexible hybrid (pay per trade or subscription-based) charging model depending on your preference.

TRS dealing made easy

Our award-winning platform provides core functions for buy- and sell-side firms engaged in TRS.


Our platform digitises and automates matching workflows, making it easier and faster for dealers to send and receive indications of interest for swaps. Leveraging historical and live data, as well as negotiation protocols to navigate bespoke collateral schedules and conditions, the platform guides users to the very best trading opportunities available.

Collateral optimization

Wematch enables granular rules for TRS dealers to manage collateral. With the rules in place, the platform does all the heavy lifting with a highly automated, efficient & time-saving approach that allows full automation, fully customized to your requirements.

Lifecycle management

Wematch simplifies lifecycle management, with integrated tools for any type of event including rate changes, recalls, and substitutions.

Sales to Trader

Wematch facilitates seamless workflow between sales teams and TRS dealers and includes the ability to make tailored outputs for clients. The platform also integrates clients’ businesses to enable a more efficient and effective workflow.

Synthetics ETFs

Wematch enhances the workflow for Synthetic ETFs inclusive of UCITS management, substitutions, and collateral optimisation. With the ability to manage simultaneously multiple issuers, master funds and funds.

TRS benefits

Worldwide, Wematch is helping 90 financial institutions digitise their dealing workflows. Benefits include:

dealing workflows

Over 900 traders & 90 financial
institutions onboarded
onto the platform