WeMatch beefs up

Market Coverage and Product teams in London

WeMatch has confirmed 5 recent hires in London to accelerate growth on its Securities Financing and Equity Derivatives platforms.

Myriam Laroqua has joined as senior sales trader on Equity Derivatives. Myriam joined from Commerzbank, where she ran the EMEA Equity Derivatives Flow and Delta1 Sales desk for 10 years in London. Previously she worked in BNP Paribas in Paris.

She was covering very different client types (from Hedge Funds, Private Banks, Wealth Managers, Family Offices, Insurance companies to Pension Funds) as well as a variety of products (from very vanilla payoffs up to structured products).

Michael Dryden has joined as sales trader on Equity Derivatives. Michael joined from Citigroup, where he worked for five and a half years on the Equity Derivatives Sales desk in London. In this role, Michael had exposure to a wide range of flow products (Delta 1 / Volatility / Exotic / Hybrid) whilst covering institutional clients in the UK, Switzerland and the US.

Nora Assad-Russo has joined as head of product on Equity Derivatives. Nora joined from Morgan Stanley, where she worked for 6 years on the Equities trading floor in London, managing cross functional projects for front-office risk. Nora had the opportunity to get exposure to the full Front to Back workflow in the bank, and a variety of products, both Listed and OTC, giving her a unique view into the inner workings of the trading floor.

Ryadh Bakiri has joined as sales trader on Securities Financing. Ryadh joined from CACEIS, where he worked for three years on the Securities Finance & Repo desk in Luxembourg. As a Front Office Sales, Ryadh was covering a wide range of clients, from regulated funds to institutional clients located in France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Netherlands.

Brendon Johns has joined as Product on Securities Financing. Brendon has 12 years experience in Securities Finance in various roles including managing the TRS, Repo and Securities Lending book for Macquarie in South Africa and serving on the Executive Committee of the South African Securities Lending Association (SASLA).

David Raccat, Head of Securities Financing and Head of EMEA, says: “We are very happy to welcome Myriam, Michael, Nora, Ryadh and Brendon within the teams in London. The growth of the existing business and the additional product needs requested by our banking partners are requiring increasing expertise and need for talents in our London office. Good luck to all of them in those new roles!”

Michael Sabbah, Head of Equity Derivatives, says: “We are about to deliver a truly unique product to the EQD industry where automation and data will help traders scale up their executions, monitor their risk, and reach a level of understanding of market structure never attained before. It is with great pleasure that I will be working again with Nora on this task, joining us directly from Morgan Stanley. With Myriam and Michael, we are already building a very strong team of experienced Flow Sales to help us have a powerful impact from launch. It is great to welcome such talented individuals as Ryadh and Brendon to push the financing’s success even further, very exciting times ahead for WeMatch!”