Wematch unveils a new

lifecycle management toolkit for Total Return Swaps in EMEA and in the US.

Wematch is releasing on March 5 a new module in its Securities Financing platform.

The new feature will allow users to import TRS trades into the platform and to run a series of lifecycle/collateral optimization actions with a low-touch approach.

The users will be able to define a set of rules and to import their short and long positions, and the platform will automatically process optimizations on the back of those rules and basket constraints. All lifecycle actions are available using the GUI or via our web API.

David Raccat, co-founder and EMEA head said: “This new module completes our Wematch TRS offer and gives a one-stop-shop to the 35 Dealers already using the solution in EMEA.

Dealers can now use Wematch for matching, negotiation, lifecycle management, collateral optimization and can import existing trades onto the platform. This solution upgrades the workflow of desk trading TRS by allowing traders to save precious time and to significantly reduce operational risks.”

Those features will be available in the US as well as of Q2 2020 when Wematch will roll out its TRS offer as a pure tech solution to US Dealers.

Wematch is currently onboarding Dealers in the US leveraging on the 35 Dealers already using the solution in EMEA in order to come up with a global solution on TRS equities.