Web-based matching and negotiation tools across multiple asset classes.

Game changing protocols for professional financial markets traders

Multiple institutions are live, matching and negotiating using Wematch, with transactional volumes in the billions spanning interest rates derivatives, equity derivatives, and securities financing structures. We help traders match and negotiate with control and exceptional workflow, to get the result they need, whatever the asset class or instrument. Everything we build is designed to support the trader’s decision- giving them the tools to make the right call with confidence and certainty.

Wematch has been selected by J.P.Morgan’s in-residence fintech programme and Société Générale’s global market incubator.

Trading Flow. Levelled up

Voice communications between traders and their clients are at the heart of global financial markets. Despite the growth of e-trading, Institutional investors manage the majority of their order flow through traditional high-touch channels, typically the telephone.

Voice traders at banks and financial institutions are no longer just market operators. They need intelligent, intuitive technology to do business, better.

Wematch delivers the tools to manage workflow, negotiation and reporting seamlessly across multiple assets and instruments.


  • Significant reduction of expenses attached to trading flow through digitization of processes
  • Exceptional tracking, audit and compliance tools and workflow
  • Confidence and control through the negotiation process
  • Intuitive, easy to use and customisable GUI
  • Improved front to back office productivity
  • Automated front-to-back-office trade processing
  • Exceptional audit and reporting tools out of the box
  • Intelligent liquidity transition from voice to electronic


Wematch is a people and technology business right to the core, with best in class technology underpinned by expertise from experienced and proven financial markets professionals.

Joseph Seroussi

Gregory Mimoun

Laurent Benzaquine
Market Intel

David Raccat
Head of Sales & Marketing, CEO Wematch Sec Fin

Elie Slama