Dealing workflows for the digital age

With Wematch, financial institutions benefit from a proven platform that accelerates the digitisation of dealing workflows

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The case for change

Dealers at buy- and sell-side firms know that digitisation is imperative. Manual workflows represent substantial operational and reputational risks as errors slow down operations and in the worst cases lead to settlement failures. Meanwhile, the proliferation of messages required to manage a multitude of bilateral trading relationships hamstrings operations and can be costly. The race is on to find more reliable and effective approaches to interests matching, workflow automation, and collaboration to unlock efficiencies and productivity.

Dealing. Digitised

By automating dealing workflows and enhancing communication protocols, our platform reduces the operational risks and inefficiencies associated with dealing while enhancing the effectiveness of users. With Wematch, liquidity channels are optimised and brought to scale in a digital marketplace that enables dealers to rapidly discover new opportunities, borrowers to access new financing structures, and market makers to establish quotes. Our platform also enables financial institutions to integrate their trading book more easily and increase the data available for better post-deal management and optimisation.

Benefits at-a-glance

Worldwide, Wematch is helping 85+ financial institutions digitally transform their trading operations. Key benefits include:

Use Case Spotlight

Total Return Swaps

Automate the matching process, making it easier to send and receive indications of interest for swaps.

FRM Optimiser

Simplify, systemise, optimises the recall and substitution process of the principal composition basket and bilateral collateral basket on securities-based lending financing trades

Securities Lending

Enabling borrowers and lenders to meet in one place and match interests faster, more efficiently, and with greater transparency than ever before.

Sales to Trader

Replace multiple workflow and communications tools with a single, easy-to-use, digital platform that integrates trade data and processes to serve clients, sales teams, and traders.

TRS Cash Flow Management

Streamline, digitise, and automate cash flow management for TRS trades.

Synthetics ETFs

Manage your collateral pool on a consolidated basis, including flows with banks, clients, and ETF issuers.

Data and Contribution Service

An ecosystem for transparent data sharing to enhance price transparency and standardisation of TRS funding curves.

Wematch technology is operated by Kyte Broking Limited for regulated activities, with access credentials deployed to customers of Kyte Broking Limited. Kyte Broking Limited – Registered in England & Wales under n° 02781314. Registered Address: 55 Baker Street, London W1U 8EW. Authorized and regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority under FCA register no: 174863. Member of the National Futures Association under NFA ID: 0288293. VAT Registration Number: 257 3683 74.

Wematch technology is operated by Market Securities (France) SA (MSF SA) is authorized by ACPR (French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority) and AMF (The Autorité des marchés financiers) LEI: 969500FWB6L4IMCWRO70 MIC Code: MKTF, 5 RUE BALZAC 75008 PARIS ;  Paris B 844 845 750 logo

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