TRS. Digitised.

The working day of a Total Return Swap (TRS) trader can be challenging. Communications with various counterparts and colleagues require using multiple/parallel workflows, each with their own protocols. Trading processes remain overwhelmingly manual, consuming precious time and increasing the risk of errors.

TRS. Transformed.

Wematch paves the way for the digital transformation of securities financing. Our state-of-the-art TRS module automates trade matching and collateral optimisation, reducing operational risks while dramatically increasing efficiency. Wematch offers access to a community where traders can connect with counterparties through enhanced communication protocols, manage their books effectively and unlock the benefits of data-driven processes and insights. With Wematch, TRS traders are empowered by a trade management ecosystem that supports every element of TRS trading in one place. 

TRS dealing workflows made easy

The Wematch Securities Financing platform provides core functions for TRS market participants:

Benefits At-A-Glance

Getting connected to Wematch is simple, as it is delivered as a web-based Software-as-a-Service technology that connects to the TRS ecosystem through live APIs. To get started, or to request a demo, get in touch

We provide a single communications platform with seamless and harmonised communication protocols for counterparts, teams, and clients driving unprecedented efficiency.

By digitising and automating TRS dealing workflows, you dramatically reduce the risk of errors, conducting business with simple, one-click processes. 

Firms can bring all their TRS functions together in one place, inclusive of trading and  lifecycle management, reducing complexity and increasing operational efficiency.

A full audit trail is achieved with complete logs for all actions and deals. 

All the data on the platform syncs perfectly with clients’ own datasets, giving them the confidence that Wematch is a one true source of information.

Our comprehensive approach to data aggregation means that users are empowered with the deepest insights, enabling them to make the best possible decisions. logo

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