Data and Contribution Service.

Financial institutions face data challenges in meeting regulatory requirements like FRTB. Specifically, there is a lack of robust price data for OTC products like TRS. To pass FRTB eligibility tests, banks need large amounts of quote and trade data which can be difficult to obtain in opaque OTC markets. Banks also struggle to accurately mark OTC books due to this data scarcity. There is a need for reliable benchmark pricing data to reduce valuation uncertainty.

Unlocking the Power of TRS Data

The Data and Contribution Service address the data challenges in the TRS market. It provides an ecosystem for transparent data sharing to enhance price transparency and standardization of TRS funding curves. The service allows Prime Finance desks to contribute prices during regular online sessions. Quotes are made observable and tradable within the community, creating a valuable pool of robust market data. 

Processing contributed data into insights for participants

Access granular historical data on quotes, trades, liquidity and metrics and customizable data reports via API. 

Key insights include TRS funding curves showing pricing evolution over time.

Benefits at-a-Glance

Participants gain several advantages from the Data and Contribution service. To learn more, get in touch.

Accurate OTC Book Marking

Contributes to standardisation of TRS funding curves

Reduces time and resources needed for FRTB compliance

Allows enrichment of internal data pools via API connectivity logo

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