Wematch Launches SM@RT Matching: Transforming Securities Lending with Cutting-Edge Technology, a global leading platform in securities financing, is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking SM@RT Matching optimiser. This proprietary technology is set to transform the securities lending landscape by addressing common pain points and driving unprecedented efficiency in securities lending operations.

SM@RT Matching allows both lenders and borrowers to define their own rules and constraints on the platform, such as risk-weighted asset (RWA) weighting linked to Tax ID, collateral schedules, currencies, borrower ranking, and lender ranking. By leveraging direct connectivity with both lenders and borrowers to receive targeted availabilities and borrow needs in real time, the SM@RT Matching engine provides the best combination of trades based on the inputted constraints, maximising efficiency for all parties involved.

David Raccat, Co-Founder & CRO of Wematch, commented, “We are thrilled to introduce SM@RT Matching to the securities lending market. This innovative technology is a game-changer, empowering our clients to optimise their securities lending operations and find the best liquidity match based on their unique requirements.”

In addition to SM@RT Matching, Wematch offers seamless API connectivity, allowing clients to input interests, access live market data and depth, and streamline the booking process. The platform provides direct connectivity with main post-trade vendors for auto-booking, tailored booking templates, and connectivity with clearing/CCP providers, offering a comprehensive end-to-end solution.

Elie Slama, Co-Founder & CTO of Wematch, added, “Our SBL live platform was entirely revamped in 2022 to accommodate general collateral (GC) flow as well as tailored workflows for underserved segments such as FRM, HTB, and Corporate Bonds. With a cloud-based serverless architecture, we can dynamically adapt to market size, handling over 10 million simultaneous interests in live data and processing up to 6,000 trades per minute.”

Wematch’s global reach, serving over 85 institutions in 10+ countries and processing $2 trillion on a yearly basis (FY2023), has positioned the company as a forerunner in the securities financing space. The company’s collaborative approach and ability to deliver outstanding tech solutions have been key to its success.

Photo by Bank Phrom on Unsplash

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