Amnon Hassin, Global Program Manager, Tel Aviv Office

Welcome to another exciting episode of “The Wematch Talent Project.” Today, we’re sitting down with Amnon Hassin, another key player in our team, to explore his journey, contributions, and aspirations at Hi Amnon! To start, can you tell us how you got started in your career and what led you to your current role?

Amnon: I began as a system admin in a small software company. The key to reaching this point in my career was focusing on what makes me happy and excelling at what I do best – organizing, working with people, and helping them improve. What interested you the most about joining the team at

Amnon: The potential of the company, the approach of the team members who interviewed me, and the readiness for growth and change were particularly intriguing. Moving on to your day-to-day work, what do you find most meaningful or enjoyable?

Amnon: Working with people and being able to improve our process is what makes my work truly enjoyable and meaningful. Reflecting on your time at Wematch, what accomplishments are you most proud of?

Amnon: While I haven’t been here long, I’m happy with how we changed our approach to sprints and metrics. It was a non-trivial task, and I’m proud of the progress we’ve made. We’re looking at our process and constantly consider our next steps with the intent of improving while making sure our team and clients benefits from these changes. How has working here provided you with opportunities for growth and development?

Amnon: So far, so good! I get to do more than I imagined would be possible, and I’m loving every second of it. Being in a growing startup business, opportunities are vast if you’re proactive and seek them out. What is your favourite thing about the culture and values at

Amnon: I love how we decided to clearly define ourselves. For me, it’s about collaboration and the importance of being a team. What inspires and motivates you on a daily basis?

Amnon Hassin: Knowing that I’m being pushed to achieve more and that I have the chance to help my colleagues shine is all the motivation I need. It’s about making a meaningful contribution to improving processes and efficiencies across the industry.

In the spirit of appreciation for our global team members, we want to acknowledge Amnon’s resilience and dedication, particularly during these challenging times. His commitment to growth and passion for his work are truly inspiring.

Amnon’s commitment to collaboration, process improvement, and proactive learning is evident in his journey at Wematch. Stay tuned for more fascinating stories from our talented team members in the upcoming articles of “The Wematch Talent Project.”

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